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41Closed (Fixed)glossaries\si macro (from siunitx) doesn't work
42Closed (Fixed)glossariessmaller
43Closed (Can Not Replicate)datatoolI am not able to compile tex file created for displaying database. The \DTLdisplaydb gives missing number inserted error.
44OpenglossariesBookmarks of symbols and numbers glossaries titles are not translated
45Closed (Fixed)mfirstuc\xcapitalisewords doesn't work in document structure headings
46Closed (Fixed)glossariesacronyms option isn't equivalent to acronym=true
47Closed (Fixed)glossariesa problem with glossaries, xindy and xelatex
48Closed (Not a Bug)glossariesminimalgls.tex
49Closed (Not a Bug)glossaries\Glsentry... don't give the expected result in bookmarks
51Closed (Not a Bug)glossariesAcronym disables glsentryfmt...
52Closed (Not a Bug)glossariesglossaries and makeidx packages
53Closed (Not a Bug)glossariesglossaries, multibib and tableofcontents produce "weird error"
54Closed (Fixed)glossariesAcronyms defined in document body result in wrong firstplural
55Closed (Fixed)glossariesmakeglossaries assumes 3 character extension
56Closed (Not a Bug)glossaries.glsdefs file and babel shorthands
57Closed (Fixed)glossariesGlossaries and memoir pagestyle collide
58Closed (Fixed)venndiagram\fillOnly* fills outside the right area
59Closed (Not a Bug)datetimeSpurious comma in French long and short dates
60Closed (Not a Bug)glossariessome problems by using glossaries package
61Closed (Fixed)datetimeWrong date format if datenumber is loaded after datetime
62OpenvenndiagramShading wrong areas
63Closed (Not a Bug)glossariesUse of \acrfull before first use of \gls should cause \gls to show abbreviation instead of full entry
64Closed (Fixed)glossariesnew keys do not expand properly as of this version
65OpenmfirstucFails with UTF-8 input
66Closed (Not a Bug)probsolnDefault args are ignored
67Closed (Fixed)glossariesglsaddallunused does not work with xindy
68Closed (Fixed)glossariesAcronym shortplural not used
69Closed (Fixed)glossaries\glsadd cancels effect of \nobreak
70Closed (Fixed)datatoolError or misunderstanding in datatool documentation
72Closed (Fixed)glossariesOption numberline crashes KOMA-Script classes
74Closed (Not a Bug)glossariesIncorrect acronym expansion
75Closed (Fixed)datatoolPackage person.sty contains bugs
76Closed (Not a Bug)glossariesNested glossary items fail when capitalizing
77Closed (Fixed)glossariesError on glossaries-portuges-utf8.ldf
78Closed (Fixed)datatool\DTLifSubString fails inside \DTLforeach
79Closed (Fixed)glossariesbug with `\Acrlongpl' and `\Aclp'
80Closed (Fixed)makeglossaries (Perl)Incompatible to dialect ngerman
81Closed (Not a Bug)datatoolSpurious line in tabular with

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