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Report a Typo

This form is for reporting typographic errors in any of my package documentation, books or web pages. Please don't use it for queries or discussions as it doesn't form a thread or email conversation, but simply logs the error in a convenient location that I can check when updating the document. This form does not ask for any personal details, such as your name or email.

Please also bear in mind that long command names in package documentation make it hard to neatly format the text, so reporting that kind of issue is unlikely to be resolved.

You don't need to provide long explanatory text. It's sufficient to identify the appropriate location in the document (for example, the page number) along with the actual error, for example:

teh -> the

or (incorrect command syntax)

\wombat{⟨foo⟩}{⟨bar⟩} -> \wombat{⟨bar⟩}{⟨foo⟩}

To help guard against spambots, the description must be at least 10 characters long. (Anything shorter than that is likely to be too brief and difficult to identify.)

Please indicate the type of document the typo has been found in, by selecting one of the options below:

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