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1Closed (Implemented)glossariesunintentional pagebreak using altlist
2Closed (Implemented)glossariesSpecifying glossary preambles and postambles in an alternative way
3Closed (Implemented)glossariesImproving \glspostdescription
5Closed (Implemented)datatoolGlobal versions \DTLdeletedb and \DTLcleardb
6Openprobsolnproviding tags and using them
7Closed (Implemented)glossariesProvide a way to specify options after package loading time
8Openjpgfdraw/jdrview/jdrutilsUTF-8 Export
9Closed (Can not Implement)glossariesSection name instead of page number/section number
10Closed (Implemented)glossariesVariable pronoun
11Closed (Implemented)glossariesThe package is very slow
12Closed (Implemented)glossaries'glossaries' should honor 'openany' option
13Closed (Implemented)glossarieslabel in defglsdisplay
14Closed (Implemented)glossariesFacilitate to set hyperfirst as a local setting
15OpendatatoolRead scientific notation
16Closed (Implemented)glossariesProvide "symbol" and "number" options in the spirit of "acronym" option
17OpenglossariesImprove counter=equation
18Closed (Implemented)datetimeDutch dayofweek support
19Closed (Can not Implement)datetimePackage dayofweek should be a boolean option
20OpenglossariesProvide printacronymsstyle and printsymbolsstyle options
21Closed (Can not Implement)datetimeSave a time for later use
22OpendatatoolWverweis like excel, svweis in excel is possible
23OpenglossariesReducing Compile time
24Opendatatool"Referencing People" package - Mr. / Ms. needed.
25OpenglossariesNeed to be able to move glossaries into enumerated list
26Openglossariescreate link, but no link target by \gls macros
27Closed (Implemented)datatoolDTLisinlist
28Closed (Implemented)datetimeItalian dayofweek support
29Closed (Can not Implement)datetimeProvide commands to display uppercased dates
30OpenglossariesAlways use ranges in number lists
31Closed (Can not Implement)datetimeYY (instead of YYYY) for new date formats
32Closed (Implemented)datatool\DTLunsettabseparator
33OpenglossariesOption to display specific locations in the glossary
34OpendatatoolOutput A Large TeX File Without Compiling
35OpenglossariesConvert errors into warnings with glossaries
36OpenglossariesProvide an easier way to skip an entries from glossaries
37OpendatatoolLoad databases faster
38Openglossaries-extraadd option `automake` to manual
39Opendatatool DTLiflastrow for conditions in foreach
40Closed (Not Implemented)glossaries-extraEnhancement Request for indexonlyfirst
41Openglossaries-extraRTL glossary style

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