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ID 33🔗
Date: 2015-06-23 09:59:07
Status Closed (Implemented)
Category glossaries
Summary Option to display specific locations in the glossary
Cross Ref 26

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Dear Nicola,

Thank you for your glossaries package!

I use the \gls{} macro to add glossary entries and acronyms. All of these locations are added in the glossary. Unfortunately, a user will have no glue which back reference has the most interesting information. Is it possible to add an option that suppresses the location of the \gls{} macro?

I discussed it on StackExchange: Display specific locations in the glossary

Kind regards,


No mwe.tex


The commands described in Using Glossary Terms Without Links are provided for no-indexing purposes, however version 4.16 now has a hook \glswriteentry which controls the indexing for commands like \gls. The default definition is

(The first argument is the entry's label and the second argument is the code that actually writes the indexing information.) This can be redefined to customize when indexing occurs. To completely suppress the indexing you can redefine \glswriteentry to do nothing:

Update 2020-02-29:

I think this may be a duplicate of create link, but no link target by \gls macros, so I'm also closing this as "implemented" now that glossaries-extra provides the "noindex" option for commands like \gls.



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