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Spaces are missing after DTLrowi, DTLrowii and DTLrowiii.

Fixed in v2.23

There is an inversion between ⟨H⟩ and ⟨n⟩ in:


The last table in Sec. 5.5 does not appear to correspond to the code before it. Notice that the code has Sec. 5.5 does not appear to correspond to the code before it. Notice that the code has \emph{Missing} but the displayed table has blanks

NLCT: This is not a typo. The aim of the example is to show the difference between null and empty values. The table has empty not null values. I will modify the text in the next version to clarify this.

\usepackage[babel] instead of \usepackage{babel}

Fixed v1.1.

report and discussion. (\begin{bibliography}{1} should be \begin{thebibliography}{1})

addtokomafont takes two arguments, first is the name of the element to change, second are the font switches

Margin note next to definition of \DTMnewtimestyle should read \DTMnewtimestyle, not \DTMnewdatestyle

Fixed v1.1.

Definition of \DTMsavetimestamp reads \DTMsavetimestamp{ 〈data〉 }, but should read \DTMsavetimestamp{ 〈name〉 }{ 〈data〉 }

Fixed v1.1.

\usepackage[babel] should be \usepackage{babel}

Fixed in v1.2

DefineAcronymShortcuts should be DefineAcronymShortcuts DefineAcronymSynonyms
Fixed in v4.21


scrltrr2ex1a should be scrlttr2ex1a

The content of Table 5.4: Required and Optional Fields does not appear on the webpage

"... but you need to remember the .lua extension.": not true for TL on Linux as "makeglossaries-lite.lua" is unknown but "makeglossaries-lite" is known. Fixed in v4.27. The Lua script is distributed as makeglossaries-lite.lua. I didn't realise TL creates a symlink to ../../texmf-dist/scripts/glossaries/makeglossaries-lite.lua without the extension. I've edited the user manual.

Sorry for the previous incomplete typo report: since "Information about Typo:" is an "input" field and not a "textarea" field, I was sure the form will provide an extra page with a textarea that lets me describe the typo (okay, I should have notice "Page 2 of 2" :) Anyway, a textarea (hence multilined) field would be welcome.

I'm sorry for the confusion with the form. I've changed the textfield to a textarea.

line 2: xindy is available in MiKTeX as "xindy", last updated 2016-11-05 - line 3 indicates that, too.

NLCT: updated v4.28

It is "sample-noidxapp.tex" and "sample-noidxapp-utf8" (instead of plain sample-nodix.tex and sample-noidx-utf8.tex)

NLCT: fixed v4.28

http://www.dickimaw-books.com/bug-report.html -> https://www.dickimaw-books.com/bug-report.php (The linked page just states that the URL has been replaced.)

NLCT: the typo is actually in bug_report.html. This should redirect to the new php script. Now fixed.

The "Report a Typo" page is linked as https://www.dickimaw-books.com/cgi-bin/report-typo.cgi but should be linked as https://www.dickimaw-books.com/report-typo.php (the linked page just states that the URL has been replaced).

NLCT: The bug-report.php script was updated in the last day or so and all links should already have been corrected.

shortcuts=abbreviation -> shortcuts=abbreviations

NLCT: fixed in v1.44.

The 1st example starts with \documentclass[frenchb]{article} but, nowadays, frenchb is deprecated (and will be dropped in some future) in favor to french.

Spurious backslash in \babel (also present in the index).

\DTMdisplay should be \DTMdisplaydate (as a replacement of \formatdate).