Latest news 2024-03-02: Ebook sale (3rd–9th March 2024): short story cybercrime fiction Unsocial Media free; short story noir crime fiction I’ve Heard the Mermaid Sing free; crime fiction novel The Private Enemy US$1.99; illustrated children’s story The Foolish Hedgehog US$0.99. For further details, see latest blog post.

Typo Tracker

I’m currently working on a major new version of the datatool package, which includes a rewritten user manual. Some typos may have already been fixed. (Experimental version available for testing, which includes the new draft manual.)

2023-01-15 21:08:02 LaTeX for Administrative Work revised first ed. p.497 (License text) (Open) 🔗
The last line on page 497 ("5. COMBINING DOCUMENTS") should be moved to the next page.