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ID 19🔗
Date: 2013-11-30 12:37:38
Status Closed (Can not Implement)
Category datetime
Summary Package dayofweek should be a boolean option

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This is only a suggestion for a minor improvement. If many 'datetime' package options are loaded, the user may accidentally load both 'dayofweek' and 'nodayofweek'. In that case, no matter in what order those two options are loaded, 'nodayofweek' will prevail. Since those two options are meant to be incompatible, defining 'dayofweek' as a boolean option would make more sense. In other words, options 'dayofweek' and 'nodayofweek' should become 'dayofweek=true' and 'dayofweek=false', respectively.

Julien Cretel


No mwe.tex


I can't make any changes that may cause backward compatibility problems, but I'll have a look at a way of addressing this issue as I think this classifies as a bug. (The main backward compatibility problem is caused by the fact that key=value package options aren't also available as class options. Some users may be passing "dayofweek" as a class option and this would fail if it became a boolean option.)

Update 2015-03-25: datetime.sty is now obsolete and has been replaced by datetime2.sty which now has a boolean option "showdow" to show/hide the day of week.



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