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ID 8🔗
Date: 2013-02-12 10:57:08
Status Open
Category jpgfdraw/jdrview/jdrutils
Summary UTF-8 Export

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I'm enjoying using jpgfdraw for making figures for my dissertation.

One issue though is that the files exported by jpgfdraw (using the 'pgf' export option) are NOT UTF-8 encoded. I am a linguist, and frequently use IPA symbols in my diagrams. If I use the exported file as-is, I get those question-mark boxes where the IPA symbols should be. However, if I cut and paste the code, and resave it in a file with UTF-8 encoding, the diagrams show up perfect. Would it be possible to add a "UTF-8" export option so that this additional step is unnecessary?

Thank you, Alex

PS - Having the "reset" button on this form right next to submit is a bit tricky, since it's easy to press "reset" instead of "submit" accidentally, as I did just now.


No mwe.tex


I'll add this feature to the next version of Jpgfdraw. (And I'll also fix the form.) Thanks.



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