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I’m currently working on a major new version of the datatool package. This may take a while. Please be patient. (Experimental version available for testing.)

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31 reports found. Showing results 1–31.

#9 2012-12-09 datatool
Spurious spaces in \DTLloaddb. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#11 2012-12-27 datatool
typo in source (should be \PackageError instead of \PackageErrors). Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#12 2013-01-02 datatool
Bug when glossaries loaded before datatool. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#15 2013-01-08 datatool
\DTLgetvalueforkey fails when key=0. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#18 2013-01-16 datatool
xkeyval incompatibility. Closed (Migrated) 🔗
#20 2013-01-18 datatool
Error if \DTLnewdbentry's third argument is an empty macro. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#23 2013-03-29 datatool
Only the second row works not the first. Closed (Not a Bug) 🔗
#35 2013-07-28 datatool
spurious space (?), ordinals in different languages. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#43 2013-10-05 datatool
I am not able to compile tex file created for displaying database. The \DTLdisplaydb gives missing number inserted error. Closed (Can Not Replicate) 🔗
#70 2014-10-10 datatool
Error or misunderstanding in datatool documentation. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#75 2014-11-25 datatool
Package person.sty contains bugs. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#78 2015-02-24 datatool
\DTLifSubString fails inside \DTLforeach. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#81 2015-04-03 datatool
Spurious line in tabular with . Closed (Not a Bug) 🔗
#91 2015-07-10 datatool
morewrites does not work as expected. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#99 2015-11-12 datatool
strange behavior of \dtlcompare. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#100 2015-11-12 datatool
\DTLifstringeq depends on Babel. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#106 2016-03-29 datatool
Error is a command used in the assign list is equal to relax. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#114 2016-08-27 datatool
fp and pgfmath. Open 🔗
#118 2017-01-12 datatool
dataplot setcount for digits after decimal point on y-axis doesn't work. Open 🔗
#121 2017-02-12 datatool
datapie's pieoutline draws extra lines when its line width is not zero. Open 🔗
#123 2017-04-03 datatool
datatool gobbles space. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#125 2017-10-07 datatool
datatool + utf8 special chars in raw CSV import = sounds of breaking LaTeX. Closed (Not a Bug) 🔗
#126 2019-01-31 datatool
Problems with \DTLsubstituteall. Open 🔗
#130 2019-05-24 datatool
Some tests don't support well \noalign material. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#154 2020-03-15 datatool
\switchargs isn't taken into account when sorting. Closed (Not a Bug) 🔗
#164 2020-06-28 datatool
Updating currentrow does not work as expected. Open 🔗
#172 2021-01-18 datatool
\DTLminforcolumn does not work for empty fields. Open 🔗
#202 2022-05-02 datatool
\dtldisplaystarttab is broken with \DTLdisplaylongdb. Open 🔗
#203 2022-06-08 datatool
datapie fails with Package tikz Error: Cannot parse this coordinate. Open 🔗
#223 2023-04-16 datatool
Using datatool methods with hyperref package. Open 🔗
#260 2023-06-22 datatool
\DTLifstringeq (and others) leads to a "Misplaced \noalign" error. Open 🔗