General Dickimaw Books FAQ

General FAQ about Dickimaw Books.


Is Dickimaw Books a registered company? 🔗

No. Dickimaw Books is a sole-trader business.

2018-04-27 05:00:56


Is Dickimaw Books VAT registered? 🔗

No. Dickimaw Books is currently not VAT registered as the annual turnover is below the threshold.

2018-04-27 05:02:34


Since Dickimaw Books is a business I feel it's inappropriate to have a donate button. If you really feel that you want to support the free projects provided by Dickimaw Books, you can buy a book or review/rate a book you've read or encourage others to visit the site. Alternatively (or additionally!) donate to the TeX Users Group (TUG) instead.

2019-07-31 09:31:27


Dickimaw Books Website

Does the Dickimaw Books website track visitors? 🔗

This website does not have any targeting or marketing cookies or web beacons or any code that performs fingerprinting. There are no embedded third party ads. Revenue from this site comes solely from book sales.

This site has an “opt-in” policy for optional cookies. That is, optional cookies are only created if you specifically opt-in for them, either by setting your site preferences or by enabling the “trust” setting when using 2FA. See the Cookies Page for a list of all site cookies.

The server logs include IP addresses (which is usual for web server logs). The logs for this site aren’t used to track visitors, except for reporting purposes where there is evidence of criminal activity, such as denial of service attacks, parameter hacking attempts (for example, SQL injection or cross-site scripting), or brute-force attempts to gain access. This site programmatically implements IP blocking for fixed durations when it detects suspicious activity.

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2022-02-28 14:56:23


What kind of public posts can be made on this site? 🔗

You can post bug reports, feature requests, typo reports, or comment on bug posts or feature requests. These can be posted either as a guest (no authentication) or whilst logged into the main site account. By default, these are all manually reviewed before they show up on the site.

It’s possible to by-pass the reviewing stage if all of the following apply:

  1. You are logged in to your site account when you post.
  2. You have been identified as a trusted user (which means you have previously posted content whilst logged in that has been accepted).
  3. You have two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled on your account.

If you have a shop account, you can post a book review. These are also checked for spam before showing up on the site.

2022-02-28 14:40:47



Can I hire you as a LaTeX consultant? 🔗

I’m sorry, I’m currently not taking on any new consultancy work.

2022-02-28 15:08:33


Why don’t you hurry up and fix this “little” bug? 🔗

Sometimes a bug looks like it can be quickly fixed by just adding or modifying one line of code. However, there can be a delay in fixing the issue for one or more reasons.

Any change made needs to be evaluated to determine whether or not it will have unwanted side-effects. Whenever I update a package, I run a suite of tests to make sure none of my test documents break following the change. Once the package is ready, there are further tasks, such as ensuring the version number and date is updated for every file in the distribution as well as updating the CHANGES file. The package then needs to be bundled up for distribution and double-checked before uploading to CTAN.

For a simple one-line edit, the entire process can take around 15 minutes in total. The problem is, this issue may not be the only issue that needs fixing and this package may not be the only package that has a little issue that needs fixing.

The bug report may have come in after I had started working on a new version of the package. The bug may well be quick to fix, but the package can’t be uploaded until the updates that have been started have been completed, otherwise the new version of the package will be broken.

The bug report may have come in while I’m away, ill, busy with higher-priority tasks, or otherwise too tired to have the concentration to ensure I don’t break things while making modifications.

If you’re working on a mission-critical document, consider hiring a consultant rather than relying on a hobbyist.

2022-02-28 15:33:05