Latest news 2024-02-16: Experimental (unstable) datatool v2.49a available for testing. Download from the experimental page if you would like to try it out.

List of Exercises

  1. Loading and Displaying Data
  2. Iterating Through Data
  3. Iterating Through a List
  4. Internal Lists
  5. Oxford Comma
  6. Fetching a Row of Data
  7. Writing a Letter (letter class)
  8. Writing a Letter (scrlttr2 class)
  9. Writing a Letter (newlfm class)
  10. Mail Merging
  11. Mail Merging With Envelope Labels Using newlfm, envlab and datatool
  12. Creating an Invoice for a Customer (isodoc class)
  13. Creating an Invoice for a Customer (invoice package)
  14. Custom Invoice
  15. Sample CV with Publications
  16. List of Selected Publications (europecv class)
  17. Press Release (pressrelease class)
  18. Minutes and Agendas (meetingmins class)
  19. Minutes (minutes package)
  20. Extending the Maximum enumerate Depth
  21. Numbered Paragraphs
  22. Displaying Times
  23. Calendar for 2014
  24. Creating an Exam Paper with the exam Class
  25. Creating an Exam Paper with the exsheets Package
  26. Creating an Assignment Sheet with the datatool Package
  27. Name Labels (Iteration)
  28. A QR Code
  29. Query Form
  30. Simple Form Class with Check Boxes
  31. A Pie Chart (datapie package)
  32. A Bar Chart (bchart package)

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