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glossaries package FAQ

I’ve used the smallcaps option, but the acronyms are displayed in normal sized upper case letters. 🔗

The smallcaps package option (or the sc acronym styles, such as long-sc-short) uses \textsc to typeset the acronyms. This command converts lower case letters to small capitals, while upper case letters remain their usual size. Therefore you need to specify the acronym in lower case letters.

If you prefer to keep upper case letters in your entry definitions, you could redefine \acronymfont so that it converts the letters to lower case. For example:


Alternatively, consider using the “smaller” (sm) styles instead.

Note that if you are using glossaries-extra, the \acronymfont command isn’t used by the abbreviation styles. In this case, the sc styles use \glsxtrscfont, so that’s the command that will need changing. Note that if you are using bib2gls, you can instruct bib2gls to perform the case-conversion instead (see the short-case-change resource option).

2020-07-01 13:21:54

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