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glossaries package FAQ

How do I make the acronym on first use display the short form followed by the long form in brackets? 🔗

As from version 4.02, use one of the predefined acronym styles short-long, sc-short-long or sm-short-long. For example:


Note that if you are using glossaries-extra, it uses a completely different abbreviation mechanism and some of the corresponding style names are slightly different. For example, short-sc-long rather than sc-short-long.

Pre glossaries version 4.02:

  1. If you are using the default definition of \newacronym, you can change the definition of \acrfullformat:
  2. If you are using the description, smaller or smallcaps options (but neither the dua or footnote options) you can do:
    \defglsdisplayfirst[\acronymtype]{\firstacronymfont{#3}#4 (#1)}
  3. Use the custom acronym format described in How do I define my own custom acronym style?.

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