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glossaries package FAQ

Is it possible to reset acronyms so that they can be fully expanded again? 🔗

Yes. To reset an acronym you can use \glsreset{label} or \glslocalreset{label} where label is the label identifying the acronym. (These commands also work with glossary entries in general, but you will only see a difference if you set different values for first and subsequent use.)

To reset all entries for a given glossary type use \glsresetall[glossary list] or \glslocalresetall[glossary list]. If the optional argument is omitted, all entries for all defined glossaries will be reset.

Be careful about using \glsresetall as there are situations where it can break other commands that rely on knowing whether or not an entry has been used in the document (such as \glsaddallunused).

2020-06-27 16:38:26

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