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glossaries package FAQ

Why must I protect fragile commands in the name key when the documentation says the name key is sanitized? (Pre version 4.0) 🔗

Pre version 4.0: by default, the glossaries package sanitizes the values of the name, description, symbol and sort keys, but none of the other keys. This means that you can use fragile commands within name, description and symbol, but they must be protected within the other keys. If you don’t specify the text key, its value will be obtained from the name key (before it is sanitized), so if you have only specified the name key and not the text key, you must protect fragile commands using \protect.

As from version 4.0, only the sort value is sanitized (unless sanitizesort=false). This is because v4.0 redesigned the way information is passed to the indexing applications. Now only the label and sort value are written to the glossary files (not the name, description or symbol). To ensure backward-compatibility with pre-v4.0, by default when an entry is defined the name, description and symbol keys don’t have their values expanded and other fields do. See the Expansion section of the glossaries user manual for further details.

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