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glossaries package FAQ

I redefined one or more of the commands governing the glossary style, but it hasn’t had an effect 🔗

Remember that these commands are overridden whenever \setglossarystyle is used (or \glossarystyle for versions prior to v4.0), so make sure the new definitions are placed after \setglossarystyle. In particular, remember that if you use the style key in the optional argument of \printglossary, it will override any previous definitions.

In general, it’s best to define a custom style that’s based on the required one with the necessary modifications. Alternatively, consider using glossaries-extra with the stylemods option (which automatically loads glossaries-extra-stylemods.sty), which provides additional hooks to make it easier to customise the styles. With the glossaries-extra package, you can also use hooks, such as the post-description category hook, to make minor adjustments, and there are additional styles, which may suit your requirements.

2020-06-27 14:44:12

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Topic: Unexpected Output in the Glossaries