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What does the warning “Found internal non bib-field” mean? 🔗

The full warning is:

Warning: Found internal non bib-field 'field' in '.bib' file for entry 'label'. Unexpected results may occur.

There are some keys, such as group and location, that are defined by the glossaries-extra package for use when manually creating your glossaries (with \printunsrtglossaries and without any external tool). However, bib2gls considers these fields as internal fields where the values are assigned according to the resource options or command line switches. If you set them manually, you will override bib2gls's normal behaviour, which can cause unexpected results. Since this takes some users by surprise, as from version 1.9, bib2gls warns if these fields are found in the .bib file.

If you get this warning, check the field in the tables in section 4.3 ("Fields") of the bib2gls manual. If you are absolutely sure you know what you are doing then you can disable this warning.

If you’re trying to use the group field, see Logical Divisions (type vs group vs parent).

2020-06-29 12:38:10

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