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glossaries package FAQ

One or more of my glossaries haven’t appeared 🔗

Check the following:

  1. You have used \makeglossaries in the preamble.
  2. You have used either \printglossaries or \printglossary at the point in the document where you want the glossary to appear. Remember that if you have multiple glossaries and you use \printglossary, you must specify the glossary name in the optional argument for the additional glossaries (this includes the list of acronyms when you have used the acronym option). The name is not required for the main glossary.
  3. Make sure you have used one or more of: \glslink, \glsdisp, \glsadd, \glsaddall, \gls or \glspl (or the uppercase variants).
  4. Remember that once you have saved your .tex file, you must follow the three step process:
    1. latex filename

      This creates the .glo file that contains the glossary information for makeindex to collate, but there is no glossary in the document yet. Any hyperlinks to glossary entries will be undefined because the glossary doesn’t exist yet.

    2. makeglossaries filename

      Note there is no extensionmakeglossaries reads filename.aux to determine the relevant glossary information, but passes filename.glo to makeindex, which in turn creates filename.gls which contains the glossary.

    3. latex filename

      This reads filename.gls (created in the previous step). The document should now contain the glossary, and the hyperlinks to glossary entries should now be defined. If not, check the makeindex transcript file (filename.glg) for errors.

    If you don’t have Perl installed or are otherwise unable to run makeglossaries, you can run makeindex on each of your glossaries. (See Do I have to use makeglossaries?) For example, to create the main glossary (assuming your file is called myfile.tex):
    makeindex -s -t myfile.glg -o myfile.gls myfile.glo
    If you have used the acronym package option, you will need to create the list of acronyms file as follows:
    makeindex -s -t myfile.alg -o myfile.acr myfile.acn
    Repeat this procedure for each glossary that you have defined.

See also Incorporating makeglossaries or makeglossaries-lite or bib2gls into the document build.

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