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glossaries package FAQ

As from version 2.03, you can also use the package option hyperfirst=false to suppress the first use link for all terms (including acronyms). If you also have non-acronym glossaries where the term on first use is identical to that used subsequently (that is, where the first and text keys have identical values), you can use \glsunsetall for just those glossaries to counteract the effect of hyperfirst=false. However, be careful about using \glsunsetall if you don’t intend using all defined entries in the document as there are situations where it can break other commands that rely on knowing whether or not an entry has been used in the document (such as \glsaddallunused).

With glossaries, you suppress the first-use hyperlink on a per-category basis with the nohyperfirst category attribute.

Pre glossaries version 2.03:

Use the footnote package option and do:

\defglsdisplayfirst[\acronymtype]{#2#4 (\firstacronymfont{#1})}
Note that this won’t work for acronyms that belong to a glossary not given by \acronymtype.

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