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glossaries package FAQ

makeindex complains that the entry is too long 🔗

As from glossaries version 4.0, this should no longer be an issue. For earlier versions, if you have a very long description, it is possible that you may exceed makeindex’s buffer. In which case, try defining a command that stores the long description, and use that when you define the entry. For example:

\newcommand{\mylongdescription}{A very long description}
For pre v4.0: note that if you’ve used sanitize=description=false (which automatically occurs with certain acronym styles), then you need to use \protect:
\newcommand{\mylongdescription}{A very long description}
Alternative, try using xindy instead of makeindex. See the section on xindy in the glossaries documentation.

2020-07-01 11:05:25

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