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glossaries package FAQ

I get the error: “perl not found” or “The Perl interpreter could not be found” when I use makeglossaries on Windows 🔗

You don’t have Perl installed or your path is not set up correctly. Note that TeX Live on Windows comes with its own internal Perl interpreter so makeglossaries.exe should run on TeX Live. If you are using MikTeX have a look at MiKTeX and Perl Scripts.

If the above doesn’t help or for some reason you don’t want to install Perl, you can run makeindex on each of your glossaries. For example, to create the main glossary (assuming your file is called myfile.tex):

makeindex -s -t myfile.glg -o myfile.gls myfile.glo
If you have used the acronym package option, you will need to create the list of acronyms file as follows:
makeindex -s -t myfile.alg -o myfile.acr myfile.acn
Repeat this procedure for each glossary that you have defined.

Alternatively you could try using the MakeGlossariesGUI Java application. Note that xindy is also a Perl script, so if you don’t have Perl you're stuck with just makeindex.

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