glossaries-extra package FAQ

\printglossary doesn’t work with bib2gls 🔗

\printglossary (and the iterative \printglossaries) is designed to work with makeindex and xindy. If you’re using bib2gls you need to use \printunsrtglossary (or the iterative \printunsrtglossaries) instead.

In the rare event that you need to use bib2gls to select entries from the .bib files but need to use xindy to sort and collate (because of some custom xindy rule that can’t be implemented by bib2gls) then you need to use the record=alsoindex package option which should allow \printglossary to work.

2020-07-02 11:29:21

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Category: glossaries-extra package
Topic: Problems related to selection and indexing with bib2gls