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glossaries package FAQ

I’ve redefined \acronymfont but the acronyms are still displayed in the surrounding font. 🔗

For v4.02 onwards: set the acronym style to one of the predefined styles via \setacronymstyle and then redefine \acronymfont as required.

For pre version 4.02: \acronymfont is only used by the package options that redefine \newacronym (e.g. description, smallcaps, footnote). Try using the smaller package option and redefine \acronymfont in the preamble.

If you are using glossaries-extra, the abbreviation styles don’t use \acronymfont. You will need to adjust the command provided by the particular style instead. For example, the sc styles all use \glsxtrscfont to format the short form.

2020-06-28 16:19:11

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Topic: Unexpected Output in the Glossaries