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\glsxtrshort, \glsxtrlong and \glsxtrfull (and their case variants) aren’t indexing 🔗

This bug was fixed in version 1.30. For older versions you will need at least one instance of \gls.

Regardless of version, if you’re not using any instances of \gls for that abbreviation then you should consider using one of the long-noshort or short-nolong or long-only-short-only styles for that entry’s category. This is better from a coding point of view, as it will make it easier to change the style later if necessary, and, from a typing point of view, \gls is also shorter than \glsxtrshort etc (and \ac is shorter than \acl etc, if you are using shortcuts). If you need the full form for an instance other than first use but the short form elsewhere, then use the short-nolong style and use \glsxtrfull for the specific instance (unless it’s in a caption or section title, in which case use \glsfmtfull)

2020-07-02 11:24:51

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Topic: Problems related to selection and indexing with bib2gls