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jmlrbook doesn’t work with LaTeX kernel 2020-10-09 🔗

Unfortunately changes to the some internal LaTeX kernel commands have caused jmlrbook.cls to break. More specifically, the combine class that’s internally used by jmlrbook.cls has stopped working with this kernel. This problem can’t be resolved until a new version of combine is released.

Requesting an earlier kernel may work. For example:


\title{A Sample Book}

\author[Anne Editor et al.]{Anne Editor and Anne Other Editor}


However, it’s not guaranteed to work with some packages.

As a result of this issue, jmlrbook is now obsolete. Production editors will need to manually set the first page number for each article and prepare the proceedings bib file according to PMLR specifications. If you want to create a book of all articles, consider using pdfpages.

2022-01-29 14:37:43

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