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The jmlr class is for authors wanting to submit articles for the Journal of Machine Learning Research or the Proceedings for Machine Learning Research (formerly the JMLR Workshop and Conference Proceedings).

The jmlrutils package is automatically loaded by the jmlr class file and may be used with a difference document class. However, if you want to use jmlrutils with a different class you may need to load additional packages to enable all features.

The jmlrbook class is designed for production editors to provide a book containing a collection of articles written with the jmlr class. This class uses the combine class, which adapts LaTeX kernel internal commands to allow a document to contain multiple \documentclass and document environments. This means that it’s quite fragile and susceptible to changes in the kernel.


jmlrbook doesn’t work with LaTeX kernel 2020-10-09 🔗

Unfortunately changes to the some internal LaTeX kernel commands have caused jmlrbook.cls to break. More specifically, the combine class that’s internally used by jmlrbook.cls has stopped working with this kernel. This problem can’t be resolved until a new version of combine is released.

Requesting an earlier kernel may work. For example:


\title{A Sample Book}

\author[Anne Editor et al.]{Anne Editor and Anne Other Editor}


However, it’s not guaranteed to work with some packages.

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