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Dickimaw Books Blog: October 2019

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image of sign fastened to postThere are some interesting little curiosities in our village and the surrounding area, such as the Foxhole bus stop at the end of Long Lane that has “No bus services currently operate in this area” displayed on it."
Nicola Talbot 2019-10-05 📂 Norfolk 🔖 Re-published
Image of rough seaWhen I was a child, my family used to go out for walks at the weekend, usually after Sunday lunch. Seaford Head, Hope Gap, the Cuckmere, Friston Forest and on the other side towards Newhaven, the Tide Mills."
book cover of The Foolish HedgehogThis is the story of how I came to write the book given that my primary emphasis has been on writing text books and adult crime/thriller/speculative fiction rather than children’s books.
I’ve been wondering what’s my all-time favourite book. My tastes have changed over the years.
Living languages have an interesting fluidity. They evolve with the people who continually use them.
Nicola Talbot 2019-10-19 📂 Language 🔖 Re-published
Exploring the South Norfolk countryside. I’m not lost, honest!
Nicola Talbot 2019-10-21 📂 Norfolk 🔖 Re-published
Writing a first draft is hard.
The problem with the twenty-first century is that when technology fails we can be in a worse state than we might’ve been in when that technology didn’t exist or only existed in a primitive state.
Nicola Talbot 2019-10-21 📂 Norfolk 🔖 Re-published
Novel beginnings are hard to write.
Image of pocket violin with a hippo headpieceThe story of the creation of an unusual wedding anniversary gift.
Where do you get your imagination from?
Image of an open windowWhat’s the significance of an open window?
Book cover (double spread) of “Quack, Quack, Quack. Give My Hat Back!”The story behind the illustrated children’s book “Quack, Quack, Quack. Give My Hat Back!”
image of crime story book coversThe inspirations and other information about my crime and SF works.
map of Norfolk and surrounding areas © OpenStreetMap contributorsThe Private Enemy is a crime fiction novel set in the county of Norfolk in East Anglia.
The Fourth Protectorate is an alternative history novel where the principle point of departure is the Brighton bomb in 1984.
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A pochette (pocket violin) with a hippo headpiece.
I’ve Heard the Mermaid Sing
A crime fiction short story (available as an ebook) set in the late 1920s on the RMS Aquitania. See the story’s main page for further details.
The little things that inspired the author’s stories.
Posts about the website migration.
A fantasy novel. See the book’s main page for further details.
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Quack, Quack, Quack. Give My Hat Back!
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Smile for the Camera
A cybercrime short story about CCTV operator monitoring a store’s self-service tills who sees too much information.
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The Foolish Hedgehog
Information about the illustrated children’s book. See the book’s main page for further details.
The Fourth Protectorate
Alternative history novel set in 1980s/90s London. See the book’s main page for further details.
The Private Enemy
A crime/speculative fiction novel set in a future Norfolk run by gangsters. See the book’s main page for further details.
Unsocial Media
A cybercrime fiction short story (available as an ebook). See the story’s main page for further details.
World Book Day
World Book Day (UK and Ireland) is an annual charity event held in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland on the first Thursday in March. It’s a local version of the global UNESCO World Book Day.