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D.3 WinEdt

WinEdt (not to be confused with WinEdit which is a completely different application) is an application that enables you to edit LaTeX source code, and simply click on a button to pass the source code to LaTeX, and then click on another button to view the resulting typeset document. This section gives a brief overview of WinEdt, however it has been several years since I last used it, so this information may be dated.

WinEdt is shareware: it can be downloaded from CTAN in the systems/win32/winedt directory or from http://www.winedt.com/ and evaluated for a trial period of 31 days, after which, if you want to continue to use it, you must pay the registration fee. Details of prices and types of licence available can be found at http://www.winedt.com/. Note that members of the UK TUG can benefit from their WinEdt licence scheme (see http://uk.tug.org/membership for further details).

Again, you must have a TeX/LaTeX distribution installed before you start. WinEdt is fairly easy to install. First unpack all the files, and then run the setup.exe application. I recommend that you use the default settings. If you have any problems installing or using WinEdt, go to http://www.winedt.com/support.html.

To run WinEdt, select WinEdt from the start menu: Start → Programs → WinEdt → WinEdt It should look like Figure D.24.

Figure D.24: WinEdt
Image of WinEdt: no files loaded

Click on the “New Document” button or select File → New. You can now start typing your source code into the WinEdt window, as shown in Figure D.25.

Figure D.25: WinEdt
Image of WinEdt: user has typed source code

You can now save your document using the File → Save as menu. Select the file type to be TeX, and type in the name of your file, e.g. sample1.tex. See Figure D.26.

Figure D.26: WinEdt -- Saving the File
Image save file dialog

To LaTeX your document, simply click on the LaTeX button Image of LaTeX icon

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