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9.4.8 Ellipses

Ellipsis (omission mark) commands are shown in Table 9.12. The amsmath package also provides: \dotsc for dots with commas, \dotsb for dots with binary operators/relations, \dotsm for multiplication dots, \dotsi for dots with integrals and \dotso for other dots, which can be used as replacements for \ldots and \cdots.

Table 9.12: Ellipses ( provided by amsmath package)
\vdots $ \vdots$  \cdots $ \cdots$  \dotsb $ \dotsb$ \dotsi $ \dotsi$ \dotsm $ \dotsm$
\ddots $ \ddots$  \ldots $ \ldots$  \dotsc $ \dotsc$ \dotso $ \dotso$    

Example (Low Ellipsis):

This example uses the command \forall to produce the “for all” symbol $ \forall$ , and it also uses \␣ (backslash space) to make a space before the for all symbol. The amsmath “dots with commas” ellipsis \dotsc is used rather than the standard \ldots:

a_ix_i = b_i\␣\forall i = 1,\dotsc, n

Image showing typeset output (click here for a more detailed description).

Example (Centred ellipsis):

This example uses the amsmath “dots with binary operators/relations” \dotsb instead of the standard \cdots:

y = a_1 + a_2 + \dotsb + a_n

Image showing typeset output (click here for a more detailed description).

Exercise 22: Maths: Fractions and Symbols

This exercise uses a fraction, a square root, subscripts, superscripts and symbols. Try to reproduce the following output:

Again you can download or view the solution.

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