4 Additional Files

You've tried building up or hacking down a minimal example, but the problem is caused by an additional file which you can't copy and paste into the minimal example file, so what do you do?

If the file is a graphics file, replace the command with a rule of the same dimension. For example, if your image is 4in wide by 3in high, then replace:

Alternatively, the mwe package comes with some sample images that you can use instead. For example, you could replace
(There are other test images provided by that package. See the mwe documentation for further details.)

If the file is a BibTeX file, then make a copy of the file, and remove the entries one by one until you are left with the entry that causes the problem. If the file is a CSV file, make a copy of the file, and remove the rows one by one until you are left with the problem row (but keep the header row if there is one.) You can then send this abridged file with the minimal example or you can embed it in the minimal example file using the filecontents or filecontents* environment8. This environment takes one argument which must be the name of the file. For example:


 author={Ann Other},
 title={Sample Title},
 journal={Journal of Something},



Alternatively, if the problem is with the way the bibliography is being formatted in general, you can use the xampl.bib file, which should be available in your TeX distribution.




The glossaries package also comes with some sample files that you can use in a similar manner. These should be installed along with the glossaries package. For example:






... environment8
The starred form doesn't write extra comments in the file

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