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Gallery: Mixed Glossary

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image of a document with sample references and a single ordered list of terms and acronyms

This example has a mixture of regular terms and acronyms in the same glossary. The acronym style is set to long-short. The mcolindex style is used to display the glossary. This isn’t available by default so the glossary-mcols package needs to be loaded. The package option acronymlists is used to identify the main glossary as a list of acronyms. This means that the long-short style will be applied to all entries in the main glossary.

The initial comment lines below are arara directives. You can remove them if you don’t use arara.

% arara: pdflatex
% arara: makeglossaries
% arara: pdflatex







\section{First Use}

Regular entries: \gls{ac}, \gls{accumsan}, \gls{amet},
\gls{bibendum}, \gls{consectetuer}, \gls{diam}.

Acronyms: \gls{aeu}, \gls{afm}, \gls{anp}, \gls{cas},
\gls{cdg}, \gls{cea}, \gls{dia}.

\section{Next Use}

Regular entries: \gls{ac}, \gls{accumsan}, \gls{amet},
\gls{bibendum}, \gls{consectetuer}, \gls{diam}.

Acronyms: \gls{aeu}, \gls{afm}, \gls{anp}, \gls{cas},
\gls{cdg}, \gls{cea}, \gls{dia}.



This document loads the hyperref package, which creates hyperlinks from the entries in the document (referenced using commands like \gls) to their definition in the glossary. These hyperlinks are displayed in red text.

The entries have all been defined in the files example-glossaries-brief.tex and example-glossaries-acronym.tex, which you should find installed in the same location as the glossaries package (or in a sub-directory called test-entries). I’ve only used a subset of these entries within the document.

If you don’t use arara, you need to run the following commands:

pdflatex mixed-glossary
makeglossaries mixed-glossary
pdflatex mixed-glossary

(See Incorporating makeglossaries or makeglossaries-lite or bib2gls into the document build.)

I’ve used the toc option to add the glossary to the table of contents. The entries all have a “1” after the description. This is the page number on which the entry was referenced. In this sample document all the entries were referenced on page 1. If you don’t want these numbers you can use the nonumberlist option.

Download: PDF (42.83K), source code (823B), sample entry definitions (3.33K), sample acronym definitions (2.83K).

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