Latest news 2024-03-02: Ebook sale (3rd–9th March 2024): short story cybercrime fiction Unsocial Media free; short story noir crime fiction I’ve Heard the Mermaid Sing free; crime fiction novel The Private Enemy US$1.99; illustrated children’s story The Foolish Hedgehog US$0.99. For further details, see latest blog post.


The application settings can be adjusted through the Settings menu. This has menu items for increasing or decreasing the font size (Settings➜Increase Font Size or Settings➜Decrease Font Size), setting the dry run mode (Settings➜Dry Run Mode) or open the Preferences dialog window (Settings➜Edit Properties). Note that the dry run mode is the only setting that isn't remembered the next time you run MakeGlossariesGUI.

The Preferences dialog has four tabs: Start Up Directory, Diagnostics, Applications and GUI.