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1.3 Recommended Reading

This document is designed as an introductory text, not a comprehensive guide. For further reading try some of the following[Books on LaTeX]:

LaTeX: A Document Preparation System [9] is the user guide and reference manual for LaTeX, and is a good basic text for anyone starting out, however it doesn't cover AMSTeX[What are the AMS packages?], so anyone who needs to typeset more than basic mathematics may prefer either A Guide to LaTeX [7] or The LaTeX Companion [3]. Both these books cover AMSTeX, BibTeX and makeindex.

In the same series as The LaTeX Companion, there is also The LaTeX Graphics Companion [5] which details how to illustrate documents with LaTeX and PostScript, including a chapter on colour (coloured text, background, tables and slides). This is recommended to anyone who is contemplating heavy use of graphics, but you do need a basic knowledge of LaTeX before delving into it.

The final book in the “Companion” series which you may find useful is The LaTeX Web Companion [4]. This is recommended for those interested in creating documents for the web, either as HTML or PDF. It details how to convert LaTeX documents into HTML using various applications such as LaTeX2HTML and TeX4ht, and how to create PDF documents using PDFLaTeX[What is PDFTeX?], including how to create active links within your document using the hyperref package.

There are two new LaTeX books that I haven't read but have been recommended to me: LaTeX Beginner's Guide [8] and LaTeX and Friends [20].

Note that the UK TeX User Group (UK TUG) has a 25% book discount scheme for members. See http://uk.tug.org/membership for more details of that and other associated benefits. If you're not in the UK, have a look at http://www.tug.org/usergroups.html to see if there is a local user group in your area.

There is also a wealth of LaTeX-related information on the Internet[How to get help]. CTAN is a good place to start. You can check the on-line catalogue [22] for information about available software and, as mentioned earlier, there is also the list of frequently asked questions which I recommend you try if you have any queries. See also Appendix C. Need More Help?

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