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Gallery: Help

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screenshot of terminal showing arara messages

The command line argument -help makes arara list all the available options with brief explanations about their function. In this case, arara has also been invoked with L -qn so the messages use the Broad Norfolk localisation:

$ arara -L qn -help


arara 4.0
Copyright (c) 2012, Paulo Roberto Massa Cereda
Orl them rights are reserved, ole partner

usage: arara [file [--dry-run] [--log] [--verbose] [--timeout N]
             [--max-loops N] [--language L] | --help | --version]
 -h,--help                 wuh, cor blast me, my bewty, but that'll tell
                           me to dew jist what I'm dewun rite now
 -L,--language <code>      that'll tell me what language to mardle in
 -l,--log                  that'll make a log file wi' orl my know dew
                           suffin go wrong
 -m,--max-loops <number>   wuh, yew dunt want me to run on forever, dew
                           you, so use this to say when you want me to
 -n,--dry-run              that'll look like I'm dewun suffin, but I ent
 -t,--timeout <number>     wuh, yew dunt want them system commands to run
                           on forever dew suffin' go wrong, dew you, so
                           use this to set the execution timeout (thass in
 -v,--verbose              thass dew you want ter system commands to hav'
                           a mardle wi'yew an'orl
 -V,--version              dew yew use this dew you want my know abowt
                           this version

(The first line is the command line prompt.)

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