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Gallery: That Ent Gorn Right, Ole Partner

screenshot of terminal showing arara messages
In this example, I created a test file (called test.tex) that has the pdflatex and makeglossaries directives, but there’s an error in it that causes the call to makeglossaries to fail. This is reported by arara in the message displayed in the terminal, but I’ve invoked arara with -L qn which indicates the Broad Norfolk localisation setting. So the messages are written in that dialect:

$  arara -L qn test


Hold yew hard, ole partner, I'm gornta hev a look at 'test.tex'
(thass 119 bytes big, that is, and that was last chearnged on
03/14/2015 14:54:52 in case yew dunt remember).

(MakeGlossaries) The Make....... THAT ENT GORN RIGHT, OLE PARTNER

Wuh that took 0.24 seconds but if thass a slight longer than you
expected, dunt yew go mobbing me abowt it cors that ent my fault.
My grandf'ar dint have none of these pearks. He had to use a pen
and a bit o' pearper, but thass bin nice mardling wi' yew. Dew
yew keep a troshin'!

(The first line is the command line prompt.)