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I've Heard the Mermaid Sing (Short Story)

[book cover]
Nicola L. C. Talbot
Crime Fiction (Short story noir fiction)
Word Count:
2,550 (approximate)
$0.99 (USD)
Publication date:
30th Nov 2013
Available from:
SmashWords, and other ebook retailers such as Kobo, Apple Books and Barnes & Noble.


It's 1928 and Albert Sternheimer, a yegg (jewel thief) from St Louis, is travelling on the RMS Aquitania with a case of stolen jewels, but unknown to him there's someone else on board with an interest in him and the contents of his case.


It was the Summer of 1928. In the Verandah Café of the RMS Aquitania, Albert Sternheimer was finishing his whisky and soda. He dabbed his lips with a silk handkerchief, stood up from his wicker chair and strolled over to the adjoining Kensington Palace Smoking Room where he settled into an armchair beneath one of the skylights. He struck a match with his thumbnail, smiled for a moment and lit his cigarette. One day he'd be travelling first class. He blew out a stream of smoke. Sure, that's right. He'd have one of those fancy staterooms and dine at the captain's table.

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