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The Fourth Protectorate

[cover image]
Author: Nicola L. C. Talbot
Genre: Alternative History / Science Fiction / Supernatural / Political Thriller
Format: Paperback (pending).
Word Count: TBC
ISBN: 978-1-909440-09-8 (TBC)
Publication Date: TBC
Dimensions: 140mm (W) x 216mm (H) x TBC mm (D)
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In an alternate 1984, the Brighton bomb kills the entire British Cabinet, triggering a spate of increasingly draconian laws that lead to a return of a Cromwell-style Protectorate. Amid mounting civil disturbances, Mark Barton’s sole ambition is to bring down London crime lord Raymond Brown (‘Mr Ray’) following the murder of Mark’s parents by Mr Ray’s protection racket. Mark’s actions unwittingly allow the newly emerging Protectorate to firmly establish itself as a police state, and he becomes a tool of the new propaganda department. Can he undo the damage done and restore democracy?