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Unsocial Media

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Unsocial Media
Author: Nicola L. C. Talbot.
First edition ebook (in print). 🔗
ISBN 978-1-909440-12-8
Price: US$0.99.
Publication date: 12th May 2023
Genre: fiction / short stories / crime
Book home page:


Cybercrime short story.


A cybercrime short story cautionary tale about the dangers of sharing too much information. Greg has unwisely accepted a friend request from “Natalie”, a stranger who starts to stalk him after failing to hook him in a scam. The stalking moves from the digital world to real life when Natalie shares a photo of Greg with his neighbour Susie, in what looks like a compromising position. Unknown to any of them, Greg’s wife (the unnamed narrator) has a secret life of her own and is doggedly following Natalie’s trail.

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