RSS Feeds and Other Notifications

Did you know that the Dickimaw Books site has a number of RSS feeds? These are links denoted with RSS Feed. This means you can pick up the latest news in your news aggregator. Some mail applications, such as Thunderbird, have an aggregator function.

The main RSS feed can be found on the banner at the top of the pages on the main part of this site (outside of this blog and the shop). If you have hidden that area on the banner using the settings page, then you can find the RSS feed link on the news page. That main feed is for the brief news items, such as updates to the site or software or new articles. Each news item is usually no more than one or two sentences.

The feed for this blog can be found at the top of the blog side bar. This picks up any new blog post and includes the entire post in the feed. There are also feeds for individual blog categories. For example, if you go to the “site” category, there’s a link to the category feed after the category title. If you subscribe to that feed, then you will just get the new posts for that particular category.

There isn’t a specific RSS feed for the shop, but if you have a store account then you can sign up for the shop newsletter. This doesn’t go out very often, just when there’s some particular news that’s specific to the store, such as new products, store closures or promotional offers.

If you don’t have a store account but you want to be notified when a new book is released then you can sign up for new book alerts.

So there are a number of different ways of picking up the latest news on this site. Alternatively, you can just drop in on the site from time to time and look at the recent news page.