The Foolish Hedgehog Cover Image

Hello E-Hedgehog

A little hedgehog promises his grandmother that he won’t go onto the wasteland (the road) where the dragons (vehicles) live, but one day he’s tempted onto the road by a hungry crow. Will he manage to get home safely?

Last year, my illustrated children’s books went out of print when Ingram retired their saddle stitch format, but now The Foolish Hedgehog is back again, this time as an ebook. What’s more, it’s out just in time for the SmashWords end of year sale, which takes place from 12:01 am 15th December 2022 to 11:59pm 1st January 2023 Pacific Time. So if you’re looking for a short illustrated story for young children to keep them entertained over the holiday, have a read of the preview on SmashWords and buy it while it’s half-price!