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LaTeX related problems

I exported an image containing a text-path to PGF but the text has come out as null

I tried to create a package based on the flowfram package, but it didn't define some (or all) of my frames.

Remember to identify each object as either a flow frame, a dynamic frame or a static frame. Any object that hasn't been thus identified will not be written to the sty file.


I get an error when I try to LaTeX a pgfpicture environment created by Jpgfdraw

Remember to include the pgf package. Jpgfdraw was tested using version 1.01 of the pgf package. It may not work with earlier versions. See also below.


Co-ordinates are sometimes saved in scientific notation which TeX can't parse

This should be fixed in version 0.33b.


Numbers are saved with a comma instead of a decimal point (locale dependant)

This was fixed in version 0.34b but returned in version 0.5b and was fixed again in version 0.5.1b.


Numbers are saved with a group separator which TeX can't parse

This should be fixed in version 0.5b.

Some of the start or end markers haven't come out right

This should be fixed in version 0.33b. See also the following:


Arrow heads point upwards when I export the image to LaTeX

Check to make sure you don't have multiple control points at the end of the path. (Select the path, go to edit path mode, and try moving the end point to see if there is a point below it.) If this happens, the pgf package tries to fit an arrow head to a segment with zero dimensions, so it can't work out the correct orientation. Deleting the extra point should fix the problem.

This problem is likely to happen if you have a sensitive touch pad, as it can interpret a double click as a click (new control point) followed by a double-click (new control point and finish path.) If this is the case, it is better to use a single click to set the last point, and then use the Enter key to complete the path.


The arrow heads don't appear in the TeX file unless I have a mid marker

This was fixed in version 0.4.1b.

When I use latex and dvips, ghostscript gives the error: Error: /undefined in eofill1

There is a bug in the pgf package 1.10 when using \pgfsetfillopacity in combination with \pgfseteorule and latex+dvips. Version 0.33b of Jpgfdraw now only uses \pgfsetfillopacity if the alpha (opacity) value is not 1. If the alpha value isn't 1, there's no point using latex+dvips anyway, as postscript doesn't implement transparency, in which case either use pdflatex or set alpha=1. Alternatively, use the non-zero winding rule.

The latest version of the pgf package has fixed this bug.


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