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Children’s illustrated fiction

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[book image] Quack, Quack, Quack. Give My Hat Back! Written by Nicola L. C. Talbot & illustrated by Magdalene Pritchett. A little duck’s hat is stolen by the naughty wind. In print. Availability: Paperback £5.99 (in storein store).
Little Duck lives on the Amazon River and he loves his big, black hat, but one day the naughty wind steals his hat. Little Duck chases after it, and on the way he meets his friends the arara (macaw) parrot, the sloth, the caiman and the capybara who all join in the chase.

[book image] The Foolish Hedgehog. Written by Nicola L. C. Talbot & illustrated by Magdalene Pritchett. A cautionary tale about road safety and stranger-danger. In print. Availability: Paperback £5.99 (in storein store).
A little hedgehog promises his grandmother that he won't go onto the wasteland (the road) where the dragons (vehicles) live, but one day he's tempted onto the road by a hungry crow. Will he manage to get home safely? This story can be used to introduce young children to the concepts of road safety and stranger-danger.

[book image] Cuac, Cuac, Cuac. ¡Devuélveme mi sombrero ya! Written by Nicola L. C. Talbot, illustrated by Magdalene Pritchett & translated by Gonzalo Medina, out of print.
Patito vive en el río Amazonas y adora su gran sombrero negro, pero un día el malvado viento se lleva el sombrero. Patito lo persigue y en el camino se encuentra con sus amigos el loro arara (guacamayo), el perezoso, el caimán y el chigüiro. Todos se unen a la persecución.

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