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FlowframTk is a vector graphics application written in Java that replaces jpgfdraw. (Essentially, the code from jpgfdraw was refactored, new features were added, and the name was changed.)

You can use FlowframTk to:

Latest Version: 0.8.4
Requirements: Java Runtime Environment (At least Java 7)
Licence: GPL
Languages: Resources: en-GB, en-US and zh. Manual: en-GB and en-US.
Screenshots: View

The export to LaTeX file functions use low-level pgf basic layer commands, which aren't particularly easy to read but are faster to compile than the higher-level commands that require extra processing to parse the syntax and perform additional calculations. The primary purpose of FlowframTK is to provide a graphical interface that can generate complicated code that's hard to write manually.

Download and Install

The current version is an experimental release.
  1. Make sure you have at least version 8 of the Java Runtime Environment (Get Java).
  2. Download the flowframtk installer file flowframtk-0.8.4-installer.jar
  3. Run the flowframtk installer file to install flowframtk. If your operating system associates jar files with java, you may be able to run it by double-clicking on its icon. Otherwise you can run it from a terminal or command prompt using:
    java -jar flowframtk-0.8.4-installer.jar
    If that doesn't work try looking at how to run a .jar file.



Latest version: Download source (.zip) ( 14M).

Previous Versions

flowframtk-0.8.2-installer.jar ( 38M) flowframtk-0.8.2-src.zip ( 14M)
flowframtk-0.8.1-installer.jar ( 37M) flowframtk-0.8.1-src.zip ( 14M)
flowframtk-0.8-installer.jar ( 37M) flowframtk-0.8-src.zip ( 14M)
flowframtk-0.7-installer.jar ( 40M) flowframtk-0.7-src.zip ( 13M)
jpgfdraw-0.5.6b-setup.exe ( 40M) or jpgfdraw-0.5.6b.zip ( 20M) jpgfdraw-0.5.6b-src.zip ( 19M)


Last modified: 2017-03-21.

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