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The paperback books listed here can be ordered from your favourite bookseller, or you can order them through the Dickimaw Books Store. There is a large-order discount code available for purchases through this store. Please see the store welcome page for further details.

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Book Image Book Image  The Dickimaw LaTeX Series

Short Articles

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Crime Fiction

image of book cover  The Private Enemy. Crime speculative fiction novel.

Short Stories (DRM-Free Ebooks)

image of book cover  I've Heard the Mermaid Sing. 1920s crime fiction. 2410 words.

Children's Fiction

image of book cover   The Foolish Hedgehog. (Preschool and Key Stage 1.)

image of book cover   Quack, Quack, Quack. Give My Hat Back!. (Preschool and Key Stage 1.)

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