2021-07-01 to 2021-07-31: Ebook Sale 75% off crime/SF novel The Private Enemy and 100% (free!) off crime short story I’ve Heard the Mermaid Sing.


If you have a (La)TeX problem, please try a TeX newsgroup, forum or related site, such as TeX on StackExchange or the LaTeX Community Forum. I’m currently not taking on any new TeX consultancy contracts. (Check the TUG list of consultants for other professionals.)

If you have a query about any of my LaTeX packages or free software, please first check the faqs, bug tracker and feature request tracker. Developing free software is a hobby, so please don’t expect a rapid response as I have other commitments that necessarily have a higher priority.

Typographics errors can be reported using the Report a Typo page.

The Dickimaw Books imprint is a sole-trader business not a publishing company. If you want your manuscript published, I recommend you find a literary agent or try self-publishing.

This site does not accept advertising revenue, so please don’t bother to ask to insert ads or posts on this site.

If the shopshop is closed, then it’s likely that I’m out-of-office and possibly offline until the designated reopening date.

I’m looking for volunteers to take over the maintenance of the following packages:

I wrote these for other people and don’t use them myself. It would be better if they were developed by someone who actively uses them on a regular basis. If you are willing to take over either of them, let me know and I will notify CTAN.

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