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121Opendatatooldatapie's pieoutline draws extra lines when its line width is not zero
122Opendatetime2spurious spaces in \DTMsetregional
123Closed (Fixed)datatooldatatool gobbles space
124Closed (Not a Bug)glossariesIf a non reverenced glossary entry has a see field. Die Entry is in the Glossary anyway.
125Closed (Not a Bug)datatooldatatool + utf8 special chars in raw CSV import = sounds of breaking LaTeX
126OpendatatoolProblems with \DTLsubstituteall
127Closed (Not a Bug)glossariesGlossaries' acronyms' suffix in effect are not for the last loaded language
128OpenglossariesDummy report -- please ignore & move on it's a <test>
129Openmakeglossaries-lite (Lua)makeglossaries-lite fails to call makeindex because of spurious quotation marks.
130Closed (Fixed)datatoolSome tests don't support well \noalign material
131Closed (Not a Bug)datetime2showdayofmonth setting wrongly said as ignored
134Opentracklangtracklang doesn't work with newer babel
135Closed (Fixed)tracklangMisspelt command \AddTrackedLangage
136Openflowframtk/jdrview/jdrutilsException occurs when removing object
137Closed (Fixed)datetime2Use of \nr as a scratch macro conflicts with other packages
138Closed (Not a Bug)glossaries-extraSuperfluous comma printed
139Closed (Fixed)glossaries-extraPrefix commands with record option don't write records to aux file
140Closed (Not a Bug)glossaries-extralong-short-sc style ⇒ \acrlong in small caps
141Closed (Fixed)jmlrIssues with very long author names
142Closed (Fixed)glossaries-extraacronym/acronyms package option interferes with abbreviation styles
143Closed (Fixed)glossaries-extraPlural suffix not converted to uppercase with \GLSpl for some styles
144Closed (Fixed)glossaries-extrainsertdots attribute has stopped including the spacefactor
145Closed (Fixed)glossaries-extrarecord=nameref causes undefined \glslabel when \gls used in equation
146Closed (Duplicate)glossariesInserting \null breaks legit use case
147Closed (Fixed)glossaries-extraSpace missing between name and location with tree-like styles when no description or symbol
148Closed (Fixed)glossaries-extraInappriopriate penalty for headerless group tree styles
149Openglossaries\glsentrytitlecase causes an error with undefaction=warn (or record) option
150Closed (Fixed)glossaries-extra\glsentry... commands in section headings causes an error with undefaction=warn (or record) option

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