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81Closed (Not a Bug)datatoolSpurious line in tabular with
82Closed (Fixed)datetime2-englishuseregional=numeric causes errors
83Closed (Fixed)datatooltkfields repeat in the import of probsoln problems with data tool-gui interface on osx
84Closed (Not a Bug)glossaries\glsresetall unsets more than only first use flag (\cgls)
85Closed (Not a Bug)glossariesFirst use \Gls capitalizes all
86Closed (Not a Bug)glossaries[argument] must be [{argument}
87Closed (Fixed)glossariesglossaries problem with running headings
88Closed (Not a Bug)glossariesGroups not working for sort=def
89Closed (Not a Bug)glossariesbreaking space between long acronym and acronym
90Closed (Fixed)makeglossaries-lite (Lua)Line 1 should call texlua not lua
91Closed (Fixed)datatoolmorewrites does not work as expected
92Closed (Can Not Implement)glossariesTo early usage of \hsize
93Closed (Duplicate)venndiagramfills in wrong areas
94Opendatetime2-english\DTMdisplaytime{12}{30}{0} and \DTMdisplaytime{0}{30}{0} both interpreted as AM by 'englishampm' style
95Closed (Fixed)datetime2DTMsaveaszulutime calculates the wrong UTC time
96Closed (Not a Bug)glossariesdropping/missing entrys
97Closed (Not a Bug)glossariesNot bold smallcaps even with fonts that support them
98Closed (Not a Bug)datetime2datetime2-german: wrong datesep
99Closed (Fixed)datatoolstrange behavior of \dtlcompare
100Closed (Fixed)datatool\DTLifstringeq depends on Babel
101Closed (Fixed)makeglossaries (Perl)"{" should be escaped
102Closed (Can Not Implement)glossaries\printglossary outputs extra empty pages when there is no glossary file yet
103Closed (Fixed)glossariesConfusing Warning: Deprecated use of \glossaryentryfield
104Closed (Fixed)mfirstuc\capitalisewords fails with commands in non-first word
105Openflowframsorry we broke flowfram with 2015 latex release
106Closed (Fixed)datatoolError is a command used in the assign list is equal to relax
107Closed (Fixed)glossaries-extrausing `\glsfmtshortpl` only shows the singular short version in text
108Closed (Fixed)glossariesnogroupskip + style=long results in error
109Closed (Fixed)datetime2incompatible with luatex85.sty
110Closed (Fixed)glossaries-extrapostfootnote and long-em styles conflict
111Closed (Fixed)glossaries\newglossaryentry nonumberlist fails on 2nd & later runs
112Closed (Not a Bug)glossariesGlossary Label With Backslah Characters?
113Closed (Fixed)glossaries-extraRestoreAcronyms throw errors Undefined control sequence \gls
114Opendatatoolfp and pgfmath
115Closed (Fixed)tracklangTrouble with \shellescape
116Closed (Not a Bug)glossariesGlossary quote not linked after first use
117Closed (Fixed)glossaries-extraUppercase abbreviations becomes pluralised
118Opendatatooldataplot setcount for digits after decimal point on y-axis doesn't work
119Closed (Fixed)glossaries-extra\glsdisp hangs
120Closed (Fixed)glossaries-extraincorrect alias target name when using \glshyperlink (and therefore also \glsseeformat)

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