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ID:27 🔗
Status:Closed (Fixed)
Date:2013-06-20 09:19:29
Summary:Input of babel.sty in ltxdoc documentclass (.dtx) files


The joined MCE shows a strange behaviour: the begining of the babel.sty file is included in a ltxdoc documentclass (.dtx) file.

Note that this bug doesn't arise if at least one of the following conditions is satisfied:

  1. if xindy option is removed,
  2. the following code is added in the preamble of the document:
  3. glossaries v3.05 is used instead of v3.05.
(The extension of the joined file has been changed from .dtx to .tex, otherwise the file is not accepted.)


% \iffalse
\newacronym{gpl}{gpl}{General Public License}
% \fi
% \CheckSum{0}
% \CharacterTable
%  {Upper-case    \A\B\C\D\E\F\G\H\I\J\K\L\M\N\O\P\Q\R\S\T\U\V\W\X\Y\Z
%   Lower-case    \a\b\c\d\e\f\g\h\i\j\k\l\m\n\o\p\q\r\s\t\u\v\w\x\y\z
%   Digits        \0\1\2\3\4\5\6\7\8\9
%   Exclamation   \!     Double quote  \"     Hash (number) \#
%   Dollar        \$     Percent       \%     Ampersand     \&
%   Acute accent  \'     Left paren    \(     Right paren   \)
%   Asterisk      \*     Plus          \+     Comma         \,
%   Minus         \-     Point         \.     Solidus       \/
%   Colon         \:     Semicolon     \;     Less than     \<
%   Equals        \=     Greater than  \>     Question mark \?
%   Commercial at \@     Left bracket  \[     Backslash     \\
%   Right bracket \]     Circumflex    \^     Underscore    \_
%   Grave accent  \`     Left brace    \{     Vertical bar  \|
%   Right brace   \}     Tilde         \~}
% \GetFileInfo{cskeleton.dtx}
% \DoNotIndex{\newcommand,\newenvironment}
% \gls{gpl}
% \printglossary
% \StopEventually{}
% \Finale


This bug should have been fixed in v3.06 (uploaded to CTAN on 2013-06-17).


Comment from Kannu
Date: 2013-12-05 00:41:32 CST

Comment deleted.

This comment reads as spam. If it isn't please clarify in what way it's relevant to the bug report (e.g. what version of the package has the problem re-occured).

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