Ongoing Email Issues on Website

For some weeks now, the forms on this site, such as the contact page, have been unable to send an email. It seems to be caused by an SSL issue outside of my control. All support channels to the web hosting company used by this site are down, which means I can’t even report the issue, let alone get it fixed. You can still post bug reports, but you will encounter an error message when the site attempts to email me that a new report has been posted. The report will be saved in the database, but (unless your account is permitted to bypass the reviewing system) it won’t show up in the bug tracker until its status has been changed from Pending to Open. Similarly for comments, feature requests, and other notifications. I will pick up the error messages in the server’s log file, which will include the email message, but there will be a delay as it’s not something I can constantly monitor.

I will update this post when I have further information.