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14 glossaries-user v4.26 p.46 "... but you need to remember the .lua extension.": not true for TL on Linux as "makeglossaries-lite.lua" is unknown but "makeglossaries-lite" is known. Fixed in v4.27. The Lua script is distributed as makeglossaries-lite.lua. I didn't realise TL creates a symlink to ../../texmf-dist/scripts/glossaries/makeglossaries-lite.lua without the extension. I've edited the user manual.

Sorry for the previous incomplete typo report: since "Information about Typo:" is an "input" field and not a "textarea" field, I was sure the form will provide an extra page with a textarea that lets me describe the typo (okay, I should have notice "Page 2 of 2" :) Anyway, a textarea (hence multilined) field would be welcome.

I'm sorry for the confusion with the form. I've changed the textfield to a textarea.

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